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first available, lavishly produced monograph of the young shooting starspecial features, augmented realityleon löwentraut is celebrated in the art scene as an exceptional talent.

he has been conquering the art world since his earliest youth.

with dynamic forms and expressive colours, the 24-year-old löwentraut creates works of art that sell out within a few days at international exhibitions.

the first comprehensive monograph on his life's work to date, it features 320 pages of his works with around 220 colour photographs.

the impressively large format of 29 cm wide and 37 cm high creates the space to explore the many details in löwentraut's paintings.

the illustrated book is colourful and lively, with a magenta velvet cover on the outside and the preprinted pages inside glowing orange, making it 100 per cent löwentraut! that is the first impression you get when you open the book.

the great energy of löwentraut's art has been captured in the production and content of the monograph.

but the illustrated book can do much more: it offers the reader a deep insight into löwentraut's work and also addresses the question of what drives the young artist and who influenced him.

how does it feel to be an artist in our digital age, and what status does classically created art have in a global world dominated by the internet and social media?one possible approach to bringing this discrepancy together is already on board in the illustrated book itself.

with the teneues app and your smartphone camera, you get access to exclusive video material about leon's work on twelve appropriately marked pages.

those who scan the pages are presented with sequences in the studio, conversations about art and the art world, selected exhibition moments and impressions from the production of the book

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