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The collection opens with sophisticated lines, softened by the presence of water.

This garden is the embodiment of a small Parisian mansion, designed in 1922 by the architect Hector Guimard at 3 Square Jasmin.

A metaphor in the plant language of architecture, which uses ornamental shapes inspired by nature, Jasmin is a work of considerable finesse.

The influence of Japanese art can be felt in the lightness of the composition, the soft undulating lines, the perspectives and the patterns.

Filled with willows, Japanese irises, jasmin, and reeds, this water garden suggests the evanescent nature of all things,With Guimard’s unique sense of detail, five printing cylinders are necessary to create this design.

The details are emphasized with sandy and metallic inks, making the light shimmer on the foliage and creating beautiful volume.

One of the versions is available on a golden metallic base

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