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The shavings flutter around his hands.

The distinctive smell of sap has been wafting through the workshop since early morning.

It accompanies the tempo of the gouge, the emergence of each groove, and the movements which are sculpted on the surface of the material, ricocheting off the simple knots and veins of the wood.

Upon waking from the hypnosis of repeated gestures and stepping back, the painting is revealed.

This collection invites you into a wood sculptor’s workshop and pays homage to the raw evidence of this material which has always accompanied humanity and its artists.

The embossed vinyl recaptures the relief present at the beginning of the creation, since it was initially engraved by hand in the form of models.

The result is a play on depth with light that honors the three designs.

In the background, we can see the knots and veins of the simple species that have been chosen: mahogany, pine, oak .


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