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A new era for moire, which enters an entirely different universe.

In this ultra-modern revival, the fabric with a wave-like appearance is reinterpreted for a world in which its vibrancy can be freely expressed.

Breaking with convention it has gained in scale, forgetting its demure origins to become maxi-waves that launch incredible patterns skywards in graduated shades.

A reverberation? An idea? An intriguing surface with unfathomable luminescence, landscapes sculpted from shadow and light in ever-changing tones.

In a range of natural shades, the textured threads place us in direct contact with the disruptions of the material.

Before our eyes, its furrows start to shimmer at random.

Manufactured entirely in France, this collection revisits moire to adorn our walls in a new and surprising way.

With a more minimalist and contemporary sophistication, these moiré textiles present a thicker weave for a resolutely raw and raised effect.

The hues, drawn from the natural world, are sometimes muted and sometimes powerful, but always tender.

Each piece is unique because the pattern is created randomly: the size of the waves and their position vary indiscriminately

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