elitis vibrations anguille métal vp 952 90

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Mysterious glints, moonlight, fragments of gold and silver.

Eight timeless icons emerge with the dawn, haloed with light and clad in metal, like heroines of a thousand reflections.

Sun and moon are clothed in finery of pearl, silk, hide, mineral and plant-based weaves.

A pure gold reflects every ray of light with a perfect shimmer.

An oxidised silver like warm ash or silver clay sparkles with icy glints.

Bronzes with smooth patinas, often mysteriously muted, contrast with the unique brilliance of brushed metal.

And the sparkle of precious stones catches the eye with reflections of sapphire and emerald.

In their electric wake, we see traces of sacred cultures, ancient mythologies and fragments of art weathered by time.

With this collection, Élitis transforms eight iconic creations with gold, silver and copper combined with the radiance of gemstones.

The renowned texture effects of Big Croco, Anguille, Glass, Talamone, Soie Changeante, Movida, Hope and Madagascar become even more luxurious in their metallic incarnations.

Some are highly patinated, appearing to absorb light and reflect only fragments, rare shards of shine

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