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"it's all about dresses", at least in the third volume of suzanne middlemass' street style series.

as a backstage and street style photographer, she travels to the hottest fashion shows around the globe to document the craziest trends.

in the process, she not only photographs the designers' fashions, but also casual outfits of stars, influencers or other visitors to the shows.

her photos have been published in magazines like vouge, elle, gq and grazia or could be admired as part of an international exhibition.

now, finally, with her "it's all about" series, the photographer has sorted her work by theme for every fashion enthusiast and published it in a book series.

her testament to the flashy side of fashion shows is thus making its way into the living rooms of the world.

alongside the two coffee-table books "it's all about denim" and "it's all about animal print", "dresses" is a tribute to the outlandish and beautiful world of dresses.

in this high-quality photo book, middelmass depicts the most feminine of all garments not only as a magnificent evening gown or an elegant little black dress.

stylish summer dresses, flowing long skirts and daring creations in hip colours and patterns also find their way in front of her lens.

colourful, plain, elegant, sporty, sexy and romantic, hardly any wardrobe item is more versatile than the dress.

for all lovers of fashion and aesthetics, "it's all about dresses" serves as the perfect source of inspiration.

this coffee table book brings the big four fashion circus straight to your home.

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