decor offers the ultimate expression of your idiot inner life. we maximize, accessorize, customize. until it represents your glorious weirdness. we treat you like a king, or queen, or any majesty in between. as hysterical, hyper-introvert or horrifically classy as you are. we curate your homes as castles.

Decor Amsterdam

haute decor

for everyone

Decor Amsterdam
decor for life

could interior design be more exclusive,
more excessive,
more expressive
and less expensive?
we wondered and founded decor amsterdam in 2017.

today, decor is here to stay.
for better for worse,
for richer for poorer.
for hangovers and happy endings.
for life.

so have a blast. eat, drink, talk loud and laugh.
create a scene, for all we care.
make yourself at home.

welcome to decor amsterdam.

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