sofas, often considered the heart of any living space, are more than just pieces of furniture. these comfortable seating arrangements not only provide a cozy spot to relax but also serve as a reflection of personal style and taste...

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The Milan sofa, The epitome of inclusivity, it's everybody's friend, designed for everyone. At the core of Decor's brand values, it embraces personalization with a range of design priorities. Tailored to suit diverse tastes and needs, the Milan Sofa is a true reflection of our commitment to creating spaces that resonate with individuals. It's not just furniture; it's a statement of unity in design.

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The Monaco sofa, a blend of comfort and elegance, inspired by the French Riviera's laid-back opulence. With its sleek lines and plush upholstery, it offers a touch of Monte Carlo's upscale charm. Crafted for both relaxation and style, this sofa is a statement of refined living, promising a cozy yet sophisticated experience.

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The Cannes sofa, Embodying the graceful allure of the French Riviera, it boasts round contours and elegant lines. The soft, neutral tones echo the coastal charm of Cannes. Plush cushions and refined upholstery ensure both style and comfort. Infuse your space with the timeless elegance of this masterpiece.

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The Miami sofa, Inspired by the ethereal beauty of clouds, it offers a heavenly experience with its down filling. This highly modular sofa, comprising three elements, brings versatility to your living space. With endless customization possibilities, the Miami Sofa is more than furniture; it's a canvas for your unique style and comfort. Make a statement in your living space with a piece that combines opulence and individuality.

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The Tokyo sofa, a contemporary masterpiece with a low-profile silhouette. Its tufted upholstery invites relaxation, while the muted palette adds a touch of calm sophistication. Experience the perfect blend of comfort and style, reimagined with a Tokyo twist. This sofa transcends trends, making it a timeless addition to any urban living space.

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The New York sofa, also known as 'The' Netflix and chill Sofa. It boasts generous proportions, providing ample space for relaxation and entertainment. With its spacious design, it's an invitation to ultimate comfort. The clean lines and modern aesthetic pay homage to the dynamic spirit of the city. Bring the vibrant energy of Big Apple into your living space and experience unparalleled relaxation in style.

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The Madrid sofa, A model of simplicity with a focus on seating posture. Its straightforward design emphasizes sturdy construction for reliable support. The clean lines and uncluttered aesthetic exude modern elegance, inspired by the Spanish capital's refined taste. Experience the perfect balance of form and function, where comfort meets enduring style. Elevate your living space with the Madrid, where every detail is crafted for seated perfection.

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The Malta sofa, A low, deep, and modular masterpiece, designed for spacious comfort. Its generous dimensions invite relaxation, while the modular elements offer versatility in arrangement. With a minimalistic look and robust construction, it marries both form and function effortlessly. Bring a touch of Mediterranean extravagance into your living space with the Malta sofa, where comfort meets contemporary design.

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The Yokohama sofa, A testament to Japanese precision and artistry. Its clean lines and refined design pay homage to the meticulous craftsmanship. With a spacious seating area and minimalist aesthetic, it offers both style and comfort. Transform your living space with the enduring grace of the Yokohama sofa, where contemporary allure embraces tranquil opulence.

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The Zurich sofa, A testament to Swiss design simplicity, With a classical aesthetic and minimal customizability, it mirrors the serene beauty of the Swiss landscape. Its spacious seating area ensures comfort without compromising elegance. The Zurich sofa seamlessly combines classical and minimal design, elevating your living space with understated beauty.

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The Sofia sofa, A seamless blend of timeless elegance, modern comfort, and practicality. Crafted in one exquisite piece with graceful lines and plush upholstery, it exudes classic charm. Elevated on elegant legs, it combines sophistication with functionality. With a spacious seating area and a touch of contemporary flair, the Sofia sofa offers both style and relaxation. Transform your living space with this masterpiece, where inviting comfort harmonizes with enduring beauty.

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The Vienna sofa, Versatility meets elegance with three distinct leg options. Tailor your space to perfection, choosing the legs that best complement your style. This sofa marries functionality with refined design, offering a touch of Vienna's timeless charm. With options to suit every taste, the Vienna sofa is the epitome of personalized comfort.

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The Vancouver sofa,

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The Manchester sofa, A statement in comfort and indulgence. Its voluptuous form, generous cushions, and high back ensure a cocoon of relaxation. This sofa is an ode to sumptuous living, where every detail screams comfort. Experience the epitome of coziness with the Manchester Sofa, a true sanctuary in your living space.

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The London Sofa, Embracing the allure with an added layer of plushness. This sofa exudes comfort with its voluptuous form, oversized cushions, and high back. Sink into a world of unparalleled softness, where every detail is designed for ultimate relaxation. Experience the epitome of coziness with the London Supreme Sofa, a true sanctuary in your living space.

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The Positano Sofa, Combining the sleek elegance and coastal charm. Its design features an open, airy setup, and the cushions offer a plush, breathable comfort, reminiscent of a coastal retreat. Experience the perfect blend of luxury and relaxation with the Positano Sofa, a true embodiment of coastal chic.