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beautiful ordinary objectswhat is it that makes our everyday life special? beautiful moments, but also beautiful things.

at least that's what art historian and author agata toromanoff believes, as she embarks on a quest for luxury objects that one doesn't typically come across.

toromanoff curates everyday items that have undergone a process of artification.

they now serve as statement accessories that delight their owners anew every day, whether it's a golden paperclip or a crystal-adorned coffee mug.

luxury resides wherever the extraordinary finds its place.

the photo book surprises with magnificent shots of exceptional designer objects that are not mere decorations, but also carry the intention of adornment alongside their practical function in everyday life.

it undoubtedly elicits a sense of wonder from its readers.

the objects featured in the high-quality photos stand out with their appealing product design, high quality, and the materials used.

agata toromanoff enriches the opulent visual world of her book with informative texts and background knowledge about designers and designs.

for those who love luxury, "everyday luxury" will undoubtedly be a source of inspiration and joy.

as a high-quality gift, this coffee table book can convince through its uniqueness and creative approach to the concept of luxury

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