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compendium - revised editionfor all chrono fans, collectors and watch enthusiasts there is now the brilliant and completely revised new edition "the watch book compendium".

the comprehensive coffee-table book replaces the earlier "the watch book compendium" and combines "the watch book i" and "the watch book ii".

as usual, the successful author gisbert l.

brunner shines with his extensive expertise and brings his readers closer to the history of the wristwatch with more than 1,000 high-resolution photographs.

with over 40 pieces, hardly any other illustrated book gathers more premium watch brands under one roof.

the predecessors of "the watch book compendium - revised editon" have long been considered standard works among experts.

because no other photo book depicts more of the noble timepieces.

the author shows the luxury timepieces not only in a frontal and side view, as many catalogs have to offer.

the reader often gets a direct look at the sophisticated mechanics of these small masterpieces of extraordinary craftsmanship.

there is no more beautiful and artistic way to present accomplished technology.

gisbert l.

brunner invites his interested reader on a journey through time in the world of the watch.

beginning with the earliest beginnings of the art of watchmaking, we accompany him piece by piece into the modern age.

because even today, premium watches are a sign of style, taste and status symbol.

the presentation of the precious materials, the beautiful designs and the insight into the sophisticated technology, enchants real watch fans and makes "the watch book compendium - revised edition" a perfect gift

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