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music caught on camerathe 2000s are currently experiencing a well-deserved revival.

few decades in recent history have shaped as many trends that still resonate today as the years around the millennium.

not only did the 2000s leave their mark on fashion, but today's art and music scene also draw from the creativity of the stars from that era.

the coffee table book "zero's heroes" comprehensively presents the vibrant energy of the music of the 2000s with an impressive collection of photos.

from epic concerts and legendary festivals to intimate backstage portraits, this magnificent book offers a unique glimpse into the carefree and joyful spirit of the early 2000s.

it covers the biggest pop superstars as well as hip-hop legends and rock icons.

the author of the book is none other than paul bergen, who has been telling the story of music through his images since the 1980s and is considered one of the greatest music photographers of our time.

he captured iconic moments with idols like the red hot chili peppers, iggy pop, radiohead, nirvana, adele, prince, u2, and many more.

the coffee table book "zero's heroes" is a wonderful source of inspiration for anyone looking to dive back into that turbulent and glittering decade and experience its pulsating spirit up close.

it's a fantastic tribute to an unforgettable era with a guaranteed dose of nostalgia

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